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Сountry of origin Germany
Brand SpanSet
Purpose Sling Components
Safety factor 4:1
Norms DIN EN 1677

One hook with two uses

The Joker hooks with a load capacity of up to 10 t are the ideal complement to your round slings and flat slings - after all, they are true all-rounders: They can either be used to extend the length of lifting gear or as end hooks which guarantee a secure hold in attachment points. Combined with one or more round slings, multi-leg lifting gear can be created in no time.

Hook on safely, lengthen at will

With the Joker hook you can turn any round sling into multi-leg lifting gear in next to no time. Simply hook it on, turn, finished. The forged safety catch ensures easy handling and also effectively prevents the slings from slipping out of the hook when loads are deposited on the floor – an added plus for your safety. Thanks to the intelligent design of the Joker you don‘t need any other tools to thread the hook onto your round slings or flat slings. Joker hooks can also be used as an extension piece, for example to connect two round slings to one another. All of the characteristics of the Joker hooks have been designed to make them suitable for use with textile lifting gear. The goal: easy to handle and reliable to use. Intelligent details, such as the specially shaped tip of the hook, make for easy hooking into fixed attachments points. The raised side cheeks on the head of the hook prevent the premature wear of the textile lifting gear, as the gear lies protected as if in a groove. 

Safety is the top priority

The special quality steel (8 Plus) is forged and thus particularly robust. The construction of the Joker hook according to the Skeletto principle saves weight and makes for easy handling. To exclude any errors, the hooks are painted the same colour as the textile slings with the same load capacity (in accordance with DIN EN 1492-1). This way, you can identify the right hook for your use at a glance.

Perfect for your application

Thanks to the exact dimensions of the different Joker hooks you can easily find the right hook for each use (see table).

Functional details at a glance: 

  • Suitable as connectors between different items of lifting gear to safely hook into fixed attachment points;
  • Particularly robust: forged steel of quality grade 8 Plus;
  • Skeletto principle saves weight and eases handling;
  • With a safety catch for additional safety;
  • No risk of confusion: the same colour is used as for textile lifting gear

Features and benefits:

  • Colour-coded components according to DIN EN 1492-1;
  • Hard-wearing fittings according to DIN EN 1677;
  • Turns round slings into multi-leg RS slings;
  • Ideal connection between two items of lifting gear
Model Capacity
ASH.1 1.000 89 29 31 31 14 17 113 0,7 D049731
ASH.2 2.000 105 35 40 36 21 24 156 1,1 D049732
ASH.3 3.000 125 36 48 47 25 29 170 1,6 D049733
ASH.6 6.000 155 48 60 60 35 35 215 4 D001240
ASH.10 10.000 204 70 80 70 50 58 303 9,9 D062307

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